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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs activation code text message

Instructions and Help about Irs activation code text message

The SMS retriever API for Android lets you verify your users phone number ownership without making them deal with typing verification codes by using the API your app can automatically retrieve verification codes without having to request full SMS reading permissions it really takes the friction out of handling verification did I type the right phone number did I type the right verification code do I have to give permissions correctly all of these kind of things and using the API makes for a much better user experience I'm Laurence Moroney and in this video I'll show you how you can use this API in your apps before you begin you'll need an android device with a phone number and this Android device has to run Google Play services pender two acts are higher ok once you have this the first step is the user will initiate SMS verification from within your app your app might prompt the user to enter a phone number or you could use the smart lock hint selector it's the go-to the hint selector it uses the hint request builder telling it that it wants to use a phone number identifier and then this is used to create and start an an intent then in your own activity results within the credential you'll have the phone number as a string and here's the code for that next up you'll be getting an instance of the SMS Retriever client object so you can start listening for an incoming SMS this will stay alive for up to 5 minutes waiting for that incoming message and the message needs to contain a unique string that identifies your app when your server sends the message it will use the same string you'll see that step in a moment but first let's take a look at how to listen for the SMS as you can see it's pretty simple you get an SMS Retriever client and then you start a task for it the task has an unsuccessful inner as well as a none failure one you just simply override these at this point you would send the users phone number to your server and that would start its workflow for generating the message that it will ask MS to that number the message needs to be constructed in a very specific way first of all it can't be longer than 140 bytes and it does need to start with a well-defined header see the documentation for your options on building that header here it must also end with an 11 character hash that identifies your app we'll see that in a moment the one-time code can be anything you want as long as it's unguessable the easiest way to do this is to simply generate a random number or a string comprised of random numbers and characters the hash string ending the message does have to be deterministic though on the clients Google Play services will use this.

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