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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why has my check to the irs not been cashed

Instructions and Help about Why has my check to the irs not been cashed

They can check in the mail for something you didn't do sounds great but it's not a good thing as scam Week continues tonight investigator Joe Ducey lets you know why so many people fall for this one and how to know if that check is really good she would work from home I was supposed to be making twenty one hundred dollars a month he would test customer service how I was treated by the cashier or anyone else that represented Walmart both put resumes on job sites got hits and payment right away it was like 17,000 I think seven hundred and sixty dollars four hundred dollars that came with the original mail that's Rick Todd you yes she sold cosmetics online and found a buyer sending more than asking price one thousand six hundred and fifty and she only owed me four hundred and fourteen they each got checks from legitimate banks for large amounts like these the ones that people send me every day asking can I deposit them are they real yes and no banks allow the deposit but the checks are fake and you don't find that out until after the scammer has instructed you to take out some of the money and send it back to them your money's gone so how do you check a check we found this Federal Reserve website and looked up this check Dottie sent me I found the business is real but when I put in the check routing number and the bank listed they didn't match or you could just live by this rule you don't get money for nothing deposit one of these upfront checks and you lose every time go to ABC 15.com click on sections and let Joe Nell sign up for our monthly newsletter that exposes scams you can do that right there need my help here's how to get hold of me I'm investigator Joe to see if you've got a problem let me know.


How do you find out who has visited your Facebook page?
This is not possible at all.First things first, these data are handled at server and development side. And therefore you cannot access them by viewing page source or via “inspect element.”The “InitialChatFriendsList” provides you the names you last replied in chat. It is the interaction and not deep server side data.Mind that, it’s a security breach. And Facebook will never ever let you access that.
How do we know when our phone is hacked?
Before specifically discussing how to know if your phone is hacked, it makes sense to get into the different ways that this is even possible.1. Spy Apps - Ways to know if your phone is hackedThere are several different applications out there, known as spy apps, they give a person the ability to see virtually everything you do on your phone, including:Reading your text messagesHearing your phone callsKnowing your exact location.And more...This is why it is essential that you understand what you need to do. Spy apps are available in all of the different app stores, which makes it extremely easy for them to get on your phone.There are ways to protect yourself:You should never let someone physically have possession of your phone.The primary way for a person to get a spy app onto your phone is through them installing the program on your device.Keep your phone with you at all times and choose a code that makes it difficult for people to get into your phone.It is also important that you regularly go through the applications on your phone. While some of these can be hidden, most are visible either through the processes or by viewing the application list itself.It is a good idea if you have an android device that you get of mobile security app that will detect malicious programs like this.If you have an iPhone, don’t allow it to be jailbroken. This will help you to find this as well.2. Phishing Using MessagesAnother major way that people are able to try to get into your phone is by using phishing programs.This is done by sending you some kind of message that automatically downloads a malicious app onto your phone so that they are able to determine what you are doing on your phone, view your information, and gain access to things you clearly don’t want them to know.To stop this from occurring:It is always a good idea to recognize, and to never open attachments from people you don’t know.If you are receiving something from someone that you know and don’t expect something from them, check with them first before opening the message.Sometimes people have their accounts hacked and so it pays to check and make sure with them first.3. SS7 Phone VulnerabilitiesIt was discovered about two years ago that there is a vulnerability in mobile networks throughout the world, referred to as SS7That allows hackers to be able to look at your:Phone calls ( call logs, contact list, and recording calls)Read your text messagesTrack GPS locations without you knowingAnd some additional kinds of information and all they need is your mobile phone number.This may not seem like a big deal if you are a person who hasn’t given your phone number out to a large number of people, but there are those who may try to access into your phone by trying to bypass this protocol.If you are wondering "is my phone hacked" try using programs that encrypt all of your messages, such as WhatsApp or Wickr Me. These prevent people from being able to intercept your messages.4. Open Wi-Fi Networks and Charging StationsThere are those who have gone to the extra measure to protect their phone, and they dare people saying there is no way that someone can hack my phone. The truth is that some of the most innocuous situations can open the door to hacking occurring.You actually are putting yourself in this kind of situation by connecting into strange Wi-Fi networks or even using a charging station at a home or business you are potentially opening the door for someone to gain access into your phone. All you’re trying to do is get on the Internet or to charge her phone and before you know it somebody’s got your information.This means that you should never charge your phone or use the Internet connectivity in a location unless you are absolutely sure that you can trust them. This is an important factor for everyone, because it does not take much for someone to be able to use an application once your phone is plugged into their system to be able to get your information.5. And If I Am HackedSo what do you do if you want to know how to unhack your phone? You may look at this and say that you’re sure that someone has gotten into your phone, so what do you do now?First, shut off all applications that look suspicious to you and run some kind of application that removes malicious software from your phoneThis may require a little expense on your part, but it will help to eliminate any kind of virus.You may also want to consult a professional that handles virus or malicious software removal, because this is a device you simply can’t afford for others to be able to access.
Why did you leave the Democratic party?
I, like so many Democrats, saw Trump descend that escalator and LOL’s. After watching several YouTube videos on Trump, I made the standard barbs by “reminding people” of his multiple failed marriages, his multiple bankruptcies and a few other digs. Once I ran out of them, I decided perhaps a better way would be to find things I could use to praise HRC. So I Googled HRC on both the internet and YouTube. Not necessarily in this order but among the things I found:Hillary Clinton - The Clinton Body CountHillary Clinton = The Clinton FoundationClinton CashClinton Mena ArkI still listened to CNN on a daily basis. Along the way, I was introduced to Dinash D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin and Ann Coulter. At the time of the election primaries, none of these men would have been seen as “Pro-Trump”, skeptical at best. I would say they were quick to point out his faults just as they continue to do even today. However, today they are also quick to point out and praise his accomplishments.With CNN’s constant coverage and belittlement of Trump, I could see for myself the massive following and their tremendous response to his MAGA messages, as he move from city to city. Noting that while there were thousands at these rallies, which CNN refused to show, and at the same time HRC couldn’t fill a gymnasium, and their refusal to show. I began to suspect that maybe, just maybe we weren’t being told the truth. So I decided to dig deeper for the truth.D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America” introduced me to HRC’s “numerous scandals” Each of which I would research later on to assure myself of accuracy. What was “Whitewater” all about? What really happened in Mena, Ark? What is the real story of Vince Foster? What happened with Travelgate (Billy Dale)? This is one of the saddest stories - I cried for what was done to this man. HRC using the IRS and the FBI to harass Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers, Eliz Grayson, Catherine Willy (all women involved with Bill). Her fundraising tactics. Bill Clinton’s efforts made to suppress “The Path to 9/11” = Disney won’t release the DVD, but you can see it on YouTube. If you want to know how HRC gets away with all this. This will tell you how it’s done. The FLAN pardons by Bill and greatly influenced by HRC in order to win the NY Senate seat. The Lincoln bedroom being rented and the removal of the White House china falls very low on the list.To dig deep, I reviewed the actual voting patterns of the Dem/Rep on Civil Rights, segregation, and racism. The deeper I dug, the upset I became for all the lies and distortions I had been told.Along my journey, I learned FDR (D), still today considered to be one of the most reverend presidents of all time, Promised America we would not enter WWII and refused Churchill’s pleas to do so. It wasn’t until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor that FDR not only found reason, but won the support of most of America to do so. What we were not told is that FDR knew of the imminent happening, he waited for it to happen, rather than to take pre-emptive action to prevent it. I also learned that in order to get Congress and Senator approval for establishing Social Security for War widows and their children, disabled vets, and the disabled, his trade off to get it was to leave the Jim Crow Laws in the South intact. When FDR created the “New Deal”, he did include blacks, but they remained segregated and assigned the lesser jobs. Otherwise, to collect SS you had to be at least 80 yrs old.Woodrow Wilson (D) e showed “The Birth of a Nation” at the White House - original name was “The Clansmen” racially charged the Jim Crow laws and revitalized the dwindling number of KKK members.Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, is quoted in 1922as saying “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” http://ProLIfe360.com/MargaretSanger Is it any wonder than even today the majority of Planned Parenthood Clinics are located in black neighborhood. She was a racial eugenicist.The one Democrat who was willing to take action against the blatant racism within his party was JFK and we all know what happened to him and his brother Robert. Even though it was Lyndon Johnson, his successor, who signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, he did so with the most support on the Republican side. Not, however, with out saying, “We’ll have these n****’s vote for the next 200 years.” And for the next 50 years, it has been just that, only I would not use the “N” word to say it.Before the actual election, I spent hours and hours, day after day doing research of this sort. Everything I read or saw, I fact checked to the best of my ability. Somewhere in between, I realized, I never was a Democrat merely an uneducated Republican waiting to be discovered. It only took me 76 years to put it all together. I no longer watch CNN, MSNBC, etc.God be with you to teach you and guide you.
How can I tell if my iPhone is being remotely accessed or monitored?
If you did not jailbreak your phone and you find out it has been jailbreaked, there is a 97% probability you have been hacked. Jailbreaking gives administrative/root access and the ability to remotely install apps without visiting the apple store. Do not be deceived, one does not need physical access to your device to jailbreak it.Just about every iOS user is probably aware of the task manager by now, which is accessed by double-clicking the Home button. The row of icons across the bottom show what apps are running in the background, and you can flip left or right to see more of them. If you see an app there which you did not open, you have been hacked. The task manager only shows apps though, and if you were hoping for something a bit more specific or technical, you’ll need to turn to another solution from a third party.DeviceStats is a free third party app that may not be the prettiest thing in the world, but it works to show you which processes are actively running in the background of an iOS device, including daemons and background tasks. This is more indepth and will show you all the active processes on the device. If you see any process or app called listener or listening or any process sending data to a port, the device needs to be checked by a pro. Also if you see any unfamiliar process, this is cause for alarm.For remote access, an app or malware or trojan must have been installed on your device. If you see changes like freezing, low responsiveness and redirection when you try to login to any page, get the device checked asap. For more useful tips and access to an actual “professional”, check my blog on my profile.
Is it possible to check from the NEFT number why the money has not yet been credited to my account?
How come Chase will not cash my company check they claim its a special check that has to be deposited?
No• no.. no..I am positive that this “special check”nonsense was a lie. Something freaked them out about the transaction and they did not want to tell you the reason. Perhaps simply the funds in the company account were uncollected. The branch that owns the account might have no issue paying a check against uncollected funds but those cashing the check don’t want to rely on that. Mind you they would be prohibited from telling you this. There are some checks that might be payable through other Chase entities whereby they cannot immediately draw funds.There was a big story about the guy that went to cash his check and they bank called 911 on the poor guy. Some small community bank….not Chase. Bias exists and something did not fly well with respect to determining the risk around doing the transaction and they decided to play it safe.Your employer is likely to blame. The bank is not obligated to cash payroll checks unless you employer signs an indemnity agreement. The employer was spooked by the terms and conditions so this did not happen. Without this agreement to make the bank whole in case of issues dealing with the employees, the bank is not as likely to be generous in just cashing any check.I mean if you have an account in the same bank as your employer then the check will clear overnight anyway and nobody working at that branch had to risk their job to clear the check early for you. The decision is too easy for them in this case.
I sent the IRS my Offer In Compromise. The two checks were cashed. Does this mean the offer has been accepted?
Get in touch with a reputable law firm in the city. Work towards speedy resolutions of tax issues with the help of legal experts. Consult one of the leading offer in compromise attorneys in Dallas today. Why let tax-related problems get out of hand when you have experts ready to help you weather them?
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