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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs refund status

Instructions and Help about Irs refund status

Welcome to this week's current federal tax developments for the week of March the 4th 2022 current rail tax developments is brought to you by Kaplan professional education and by your State Society of CPAs this week we're going to take a look at a few issues first going to start with the discussion about an issue that arose on some of the online discussion forums I am involved with the key issue revolving around the question of how we're going to tax state tax refunds next year if you have a tax payer that went above the ten thousand dollar salt limitation we'll talk about another case that came down in the marijuana industry this is the case of Feinberg versus commissioner and actually it's a second trip of Feinberg to the Tenth Circuit this time wasn't quite as successful for them we'll talk about a case for the IRS one a case that's going to affect probably everybody listening to this the IRS now has the ability to charge fees for the P 10 we'll talk about how the how that original decision got rethis week and potentially what's going to happen next we'll talk about a case here of the IRS at the very last second granting an extension to farmers and fishermen to pay their taxes without getting hit with payment without apparent penalties in essence pushing what's normally the March 1st deadline back to April 15th we'll talk about the case of wall Quist versus commissioner Tax Court reported decision that continues a line of cases that's been developing regarding the IRS s need to approve penalties prior to assessment and we'll talk about this case deals with an automated system where a taxpayer is an under reporter and finally an IRS loss in the Ninth Circuit jbp B versus United States of America that particular case involves the requirement the I risk is adequate notice before contacting third parties what we'll discover is NYSERDA Court of Appeals rejected the Iris's view which the tax payer advocates office has indicated is increasingly being used by the service cross country that the mere giving a taxpayer publication one at the start of an exam is sufficient to apprise a taxpayer the IRS may contact third parties later in the exam in this particular case Harris did the contact with third parties two years after the exam started it's been a busy week and by the way mentioned the taxpayers advocate for those who hadn't heard the current Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson is actually going to be retiring July 31st will have a change there because Nina's been there since 2022 as I recall so it's been a while we're getting a new tax payer advocate do you want to wear of that and it's also as we've noted it's time the tax season is in full run full full bore we're going and we solve a lot of issues on the tax cuts and.

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